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Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Tübingen – a place to be!

So on March 24th Nazaret, Marcio and me (this new girl from Armenia) had a very important, serious and mystique appointment with Tanja … and it’s only in the last moment that I learnt we are off to Tubingen – to tell the truth I had no idea before that where Tubingen is or why even we go there. So after about 30 minutes of driving we were finally on place and immediately a view of small colorful and beautiful houses/buildings comes in front of us. Each building so unique in its color and shape…

So Tanja, being well-aware of Tubingen, organized a small city-tour for us in the old town, which is located on a hill btw. So we went up the narrow streets admiring each brick building. As I learnt, Tubingen is a traditional University town, so it’s mostly inhabited by students and it’s about 35-40 km south of Stuttgart.

I won’t go deep into its history and be a mini Wikipedia, so I decided to write below what impressed me the most during our short visit to Tubingen:

Hohentübingen Castle

A beautiful place located on the hill, which is now an archaeological university museum. We did not enter the museum, but were lucky enough to enjoy the city view from the castle (don’t know if pictures can transfer the beauty of the place, but it was awesome 😛unnamed1The square (Marktplatz)

You come to this square and the first thing that strikes to your mind is the following: I want to be a student here… It’s right in this square, that you see small cafes, people chilling and just enjoying their time. The square is surrounded with beautiful and colorful buildings that give the impression as if you are in a fairy tale. It’s right here that you wish to stay a bit longer and do nothing, just memorize the view…

10628324_1065465823481780_4883792176528048348_nThe river

The old town lies along the Neckar river. If you need a chill time or just want to think about life, and enjoy your time, just go there with a friend or alone and sit by the river (some ice cream could be an option). And the Holderlinturm, home of poet Friedrich Holderlin is right on the bank of the Neckar river.unnamedThe music

While walking through the narrow streets of the old town, we could hear a very pleasant instrumental music: ‘Yesterday’ by Beatles, which was performed by some talented musicians. Well, you know how it works -you always have a throwback associated with a certain fragrance or music. For me this song will be associated with Tubingen from now on!

(And here we are, feeling and looking cool…)



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