EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

My first week in Jugendwerk der Awo Wüerttemberg!

My first week in Stuttgart was too fast! Many feelings, nice people and lot of activities. I was sure since I arrived to Stuttgart that I made the good choice … Continue reading

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What a year my friends, WHAT   a year! Summer is over and that means more (free) time in Jugendwerk. Camps are back, memories, new friendships, relationships and God-knows –what-more has … Continue reading

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We are searching for YOU

About US Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg (JW) is a nonprofit NGO with the focus on non-formal education, intercultural projects, youth camps and projects for children and young people. The main … Continue reading

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Blitz Interview

In May me and Milan traveled around a lot, basically we didn´t spent a lot of time in the office, but we were still working in a way. We went … Continue reading

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Vado… ma dove?

I love the long rides, they provide you with enough time to reflect. Thoughts  fly trough your head as the landscapes change under the almost musical sound of the train. I was … Continue reading

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Halfway there

Hola hola! The title of my last post was Patiently waiting for the spring and to be honest, it’s almost May, and I’m still waiting for it. The word is out … Continue reading

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No time like the present

I knew what I was looking for before I came to Stuttgart, and having arrived here I am very glad to say I found it. With an amazing week and … Continue reading

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