EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany


es spielt keine Rolle, wo du bist oder was du anstellst. am wichtigsten ist, dass du es mit irgendjemand machst, den du magst. Entweder bei arbeiten, studieren oder bei kochen. … Continue reading

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Kinderostern Freizeiten

Camps, or “Freizeiten” in German language, are one of the most important activities in Jugendwerk der AWO. Here we organize about 50 camps during the whole year in Europa.  I … Continue reading

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Change is a good thing

As one of my good friends said, change is a good thing. Something ends and something new begins. I was very excited about moving to an other city, country, meeting … Continue reading

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Weekend of Art

Are you interested in playing music, theater or film making? Are you interested working with people from different nationalities? Then ‘’Weekend of Art’’ was the right place where you should … Continue reading

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10 facts about EVS

For me, EVS is the change I wanted to do in my life for a long time! This experience is an opportunity to live abroad in a European country and … Continue reading

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Tunisian Cultural Night

“Active Culture” is our intercultural project in Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg e.V. We meet up either for an intercultural evening in Jugendwerk office or for a trip somewhere else in … Continue reading

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AG Grenzenlos Projekt

Arbeitsgruppe Grenzenlos, if you like kids, games and fun, then try to find time, and join us in our group. Last week was the goodbye party for Hanna and Carolin, … Continue reading

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