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Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Active Culture

“Active Culture” is our intercultural project in Stuttgart and the EVS volunteers at Jugendwerk are responsible for organising it. We meet up every second Thursday at 6.30pm, either for an intercultural evening in the Jugendwerk meeting room or for a trip somewhere else in Stuttgart or the surrounding area. Everyone is welcome! Come and join us to try something new, and meet new people from all over the World!

This year we’ve done lots of different things including a Salsa evening, a trip to the Festival of Culture, a Karaoke evening, various country-themed evenings (Arabic evening, Estonian evening, Egyptian evening, Hungarian Evening, Tunesian Evening, Indonesian evening…) and loads more! If you’re keen to organise an evening about your home country or another country you lived in, worked in, traveled to… then please let us know and we will help you to set it up!

“Active Culture” is part of the intercultural participation programme of the Jugendwerk der AWO. The project is funded by the “Integrationsoffensive Baden-Württemberg”, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in Baden-Württemberg. Hence Active Culture is free for all; it won’t cost you a penny!

Keen to join in? For more info, for the current programme or to sign up please contact info@jugendwerk24.de. You can also get up-to-date information and keep in touch by liking the Active Culture Facebook page.


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