EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Diana in Wonderland…

So here it comes, new chapter in my life… the EVS.

Tadadaaam… Let’s get acquainted first. So once upon a time a girl named Diana lived in Armenia, had a full-time job and all of a sudden decided to do an EVS. I will not tell you the story of how it came to my mind and how I was selected, and blah blah, but I will immediately pass on to the part when I got this long-awaited e-mail from the Jugendwerk, which said that I was selected as a new volunteer to spend 1 year in Stuttgart and be a part of this Jugendwerk team. Can you guess my first reaction? Juhu, Ralala ~

And by the way, frankly speaking I had to read the e-mail twice to make sure I got it right, cause, you know, sometimes you see and accept the things the way you want to and luckily for me in this case the reality and my expectations were walking hand-in-hand).


And here’s where the interesting part begins… soon “I was packed, sealed and delivered” to Stuttgart and immediately received a very warm welcome by everyone in Jugendwerk and had a traditional dish for lunch, which starts with “M”, but I was really too dead after the flights to remember the name (you can help me and write a comment if you know the name 😉 And today it’s been already or only 1 week since I am here. What can I say for now? I REALLY-REALLY like my life here in Stuttgart, in this organization, in this team.

You know, people usually say, “When you don’t notice how the time flies, it means you’re enjoying it”, that’s exactly what’s happening to me now. And I’d love to share my experience, impression and “adventures” with you in my further posts. Stay tuned 😉


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