EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

No plan sometimes is the better plan.

May is ending and with it makes the end of my project and my stay in Jugendwerk shorter. Time is just flying and so many things happened. Everyday can be a different and that is what I like the most.

I could tell how I had some amazing 15 days in Mexico where I meet so many and nice people and learned so much, I could tell how nice it is to go back to your country in holidays and reunite with your friends and feel that nothing changed, I could tell you how good it was to be in a national meeting in Lake Constance, not only being there as participant but having an active role in helping and seeing  how your work is compensated when in turns in a such successful and great event. I could tell how happy I’m when people tell me how my German got better and how that gives me the will to keep going and being better and better. I can also tell you how amazing it is to meet new people, nice people in the most unexpected places. Also couldn’t be writing without making a reference to my midterm seminar and tell how it was and how it can influence you in a good way, seeing that you are not the only one with the same wishes for life and sharing the same way of thinking in many different topics. I could tell you how good it is to make a small trip in weekend´s and just discover new places with unexpected people and in unexpected ways.

And if you ask me if I planned all of this I would probably say no. When I arrived in October I decided to make a list of places I wanted to go, can you guess how many of them did I accomplish? Well, few too few… But I’m not disappointed at all, better said I’m very happy with what I made until now and also for what will happen until the end of my project.

This is why I gave this title to this text, sometimes no planning ends up the better plan, and please see that I put the word sometimes there because exceptions exist and to plan is required in some moments in our life, we just need to know when or how we should do it. The world is so big but as time passes by I learned how small it can also be and you that are reading this, one day you will realize this too. To plan our life in a world where so many things can happen in a world where so many different people live and interact, is hard because you never know the day of tomorrow and that is the beauty of it to not know what to expect, that’s why to live is special and so unique. Just make the moments count and this is the point of all of it, you will not get this moment back your time is now, this is your life and make it count make it amazing and one day you will have so many stories to tell and unbelievable memories to remember.

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