EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

French-German Forum for youth and Europa in Berlin

What is really good about EVS is that you can participate in loads of great stuff, great seminar, forum and so on.

Since I arrive in Germany, I have been able to attend some interesting seminars and forum.

The most memorable one would the one I attended in Berlin in the end of January.

This one was a very special one, and I was very lucky to take part in it!

This forum was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Elysee treaty (between France and Germany, just after the WW2). The aim was to gather young people from France and Germany, but also some from other countries to discuss about relationship between France and Germany, and discuss about the future of Europe. It was organized by the OFAJ (office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse; Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk) that is to say the French-German Office for youth.

The program was quite intensive, with lots of discussion, meetings, visits but also free time to relax!

Well, just imagine…

-5 days in one of the greatest capital: Berlin!

-50 French, 50 German, 50 people from other countries (Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Poland, Albania, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia…I hope I am not forgetting a country!)

-5 days discussion about loads of different topics that we have decided (culture, languages, education, economy, Europe…), 5 days listening to other point of view, learning about other countries, culture and systems

-Visit of the Bundestag, of the Chancellery, parliamentary séance of the French and German parliamentary gathered, concert of the Berlin philharmonic…

-Meeting with loads of politic people: The German president, the Chancellor of Germany, the French president, possibility to talk with other depute of Minister (a lot of them, cannot say all of the names!)…

-Very good foods and drinks! (very good champagne, you would guess so, for after the parlementary seance, so for all the deputys, minister, and presidents…so very good quality! miam!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

-And a lotof snow, and really cold there, which was actually really nice, because I don’t have any snow where I come from, so that was also a good experience !

So, as you can guess, that was an awesome forum, very intersting, just great experience, good memories!!!!!

If I would have made EVS, I guess I would not have heard of theis seminar and so would have not done it! Thanks EVS!!!!!!


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