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Active Culture USA Night

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post… We’ve been very busy here at Jugendwerk getting ready for the winter holiday camps which kick off next week Wednesday. Three different camps are heading off to various places in the Alps for 10 days of ski and snowboarding fun! So lots of preparations to be made to make sure everything runs smoothly. Aside from that, I’m attending a German language course every weekday morning which is great fun but also requires a lot of time and energy. German grammar must be one of the most complicated things ever invented by man and my head sometimes feels like it might explode from too much exposure to the language, which would be unfortunate… But on the bright side, my German has been improving every day so something must be sinking in!

Anyway, I’m rambling and the topic of this post was supposed to be our last Active Culture night which was a USA-themed evening. Zuzi and Ildi are both originally from Romania but have spent several months/years living in the USA, so they came to tell us about their experiences across the Pond. Here they are, appropriately dressed in the colours of the Stars & Stripes.

Zuzi & Ildi

For starters, they had prepared some delicious American food for us. “Sloppy Joes” are a bit like DIY-burgers with a nice spicy mincemeat filling. You get yourself a bun, cut it open, ladle on some of the filling, top it all off with some cheese and enjoy 🙂 ! It was really yummy and went down a treat with all those present. For dessert we got Sweet Potato Pie which was amazing too. Especially if you are, like me, a massive fan of sweet potato! Here’s a few pictures of us enjoying our dinner.


After dinner followed a quiz to test our knowledge of the USA. Zuzi and Ildi had prepared some interesting questions to find out if we actually know as much as we think we know about the States. We were split into two teams and had to answer A, B, C or D as quickly as possible which of course led to some fierce competition! Turned out we didn’t actually know all the random facts about the US, like for instance that the Statue of Liberty was originally meant to be built in Egypt and not in New York at all!

P1010976 Quiz

We all had a very enjoyable evening! A big thank you to Zuzi and Ildi for organising it!

The next Active Culture evening (and the last one for 2012!) will be this Thursday 20th December at 18.00. We’re going on a trip to the Christmas Market in Esslingen which is a bit different from your standard German Christmas Market since it has a Medieval-themed section where everyone is dressed up in Medieval clothing etc.! If you’re in Stuttgart and want to join us, please drop us a quick E-mail on jugendwerk@web.de to tell us you’re coming.


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