EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Complicated goodbyes

This time we have a guest writer on our Blog.

Zoe Kilp did her EVS @Privātā vidusskola ĀBVS in Latvia from September 1, 2017 until 30th of June 2018.

Here you can read a small artciel about her EVS Experience!




„We started with a simple hello but ended with a complicated goodbye“ – Tabea.


About three month ago my EVS ended and when I’m thinking back I really miss this time.
When I went to Latvia I was just prepared as much as I needed to be. My sending organization told me the basics for example about EVS, insurance, youthpass, my rights and responsibilities as a volunteer.
When I arrived in Latvia I was so curious: how will my work be? What about my accommodation? Who will be my flat mate? What about the country?
My work was great. I really loved the work in the kindergarten, to see how the kids are growing, how curious they are, how they like or don’t like activities. I had the opportunity to create projects for the kids, like painting in a box or making Easter bunnies out of flower pots and plant sunflowers. But I also got the chance to work in other organizations for a one-day project sometimes.

The EVS gave me the opportunity to experience Latvia for ten month. So I had the chance to learn the Latvian language, something about the culture, the people and the country. I had time to travel around Latvia and explore different regions and places. I went to around twenty different places in Latvia to make some sight-seeing, take some walks to enjoy the nature or I went swimming in the Baltic Sea. Compared to my home country Germany, Latvia is different: the people there are celebrating their country and their culture. To me Latvians seem very proud of their country. Every five years they have traditional Latvian sing and dance festival called “Dziemas svētkus”. At this festival different orchestras play together, different choirs sing together and different dance groups dance together. Me and some friends, we got the chance to be a part of the final evening as visitors. A whole night full of traditional Latvian music and dance. This was so intense and unique.

Thanks to my time in Latvia I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Like I already wrote I visited around twenty different places all over Latvia. But I also went to the Estonian capital Tallinn, to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, to the Swedish capital Stockholm and to Israel. And all of this journeys I never did by my-self. During my stay and some seminars I met new people from all over Europe, who I made friends with and who joined my on all of my trips.

Finally, I would like to say that despite some challenges, such as the language barrier or foreign affairs at the beginning, the time in Latvia was absolutely great. With all the rain, the cold winter of sometimes -20 degrees, the Latvian summer and the sun. With the people, the food, the country and the culture. Latvia is so much that many may not even know. I’m glad to have met Latvia and its facets and will miss this time and the people I have met incredibly.


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