EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

AG Active Gardening project

In the middle of April we started a new weekly project with children aged from 3 to 13 from Botnang refugee camp. We were assigned a plot of land in a nearby garden community in a so called Schrebergarten or Kleingarten. On our first time there in supervision of a hired gardener we had to clean the overgrown plot from mullein plants. Over the following weeks children had an opportunity to learn about various plants and gardening culture with help from Wolfgang, chairman of the local garden community, as well as to help out with garden jobs like picking weeds, making planting beds, planting strawberries, tomatoes, paprika and different kinds of herbs and flowers and also watering everything that needs to be watered including each other. At the end of the season kids are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables that were grown in this garden.

2018-05-09 18.45.50.jpg

2018-05-23 19.27.03.jpg

In the middle of the season some “Sommer Festivals” were held in Botnang, where locals had chance to see what we have been up to, but kids had the opportunity to participate in various workshops related also to our garden. In one of the workshops, lead by a local garden owner, everyone could learn how to easily make interesting and cheap bonsai trees.



This project is also a great chance for us to get once in a week into nature and enjoy nice weather, the green scenery and learn new gardening wisdoms from the chairman Wolfgang. Also we all learn patience by trying to teach kids how to respect nature and work of other people 🙂

The project is still on-going while the season is not over and everyone is welcomed to join!

Garten Projekt


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