EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

My last post – but no goodbyes

So this is my last day at Jugendwerk. These 12 months have passed so fast!

I would like to summarize the things I have learnt here in a poem. 🙂 And I would like to thank JW and my friends to make this year awesome. Big LOVE!!!


I learnt to be patient, to let some things go,

I learnt the cup song, and to say no.

I’ve learnt some Deutsch,

and to cook quick lunch.

Tunisian omlette and a few vegan dishes,

and that I cannot fulfill everyones wishes.

To cook for 10 people, sometimes even 30,

and if I have to cook, I don’t get angry.


I’ve learnt to drive the Crafter, start uphill,

and some of the times even without fear.

I’ve also learnt to navigate with gps,

even though it still takes time to find my left.

Some zumba moves, lots of games,

lots of people and lots of names.

I’m more independent and tough

now I can ignore the papercuts.


I’ve learnt to take care of a mint and other plants,

and that life doesn’t always respect our plans.

I’ve learnt not to take everything so seriously,

and that someone doesn’t like surprizes necessarily.

To accept how I am, my character, me,

To speak to an audience and to play the ukulele.


To share a bathroom and a kitchen with strangers,

and to keep for myself some of my questions,

although with some of them I can break walls.

And sometimes I have to push hard some old doors.

To sleep next to a loud fridge

and also learnt, how to teach.

I’ve more or less learnt how to make kids listen,

and: „Kann jemand Cobra schließen?”

I’ve learnt to challenge myself at my weakest things,

to express my thoguhts, doubts and feelings.


I’ve also learnt, and it was one of the hardest,

not to eat from Jugendwerk all of the chocolates.


Now it’s hard to describe my feelings with words,

but I want you to know, from each one of you there is something I’ve learnt.

Für das ganze Jahr und für das geduldiges zuhören

Danke danke danke schön!



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