EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

“Local Empowerment” project

Since 2013, I am working in non formal education and youth exchange field. I believe that these projects are a source of inspiration, a way to discover yourself and aware about many subjects. I participated in many Euro-Mediterranean youth exchange projects. Every new country I visited was a second home for few days!

Nowadays, I coordinate, organize and facilitate youth exchange projects, especially in the theme of citizenship, democracy and youth participation.

Local Empowerment 06-30 - 174

These last months, I had the opportunity to work for “Local Empowerment” project. It’s a training-youth exchange project in the frame of partnership between Menzel Bourguiba city and Stuttgart city. The project aim to strengthening the self-organized local and international youth work through cultural exchange, promoting democratic values, networking between youth organization and building capacities on project management in order to develop future project ideas.

Local Empowerment 06-30 - 537Local Empowerment 07-04 - 367

The team was binational, form Tunisia and Germany. From March, the tasks were divided between the members to promote the project, select the participants, and prepare the program and of course the logistics.

The D-Day is here! 16 active young people came from Menzel bourguiba and Stuttgart. For some it was a reunion of the reason that they met in previous projects, for other it was an opportunity to meet new people. It was interesting to hear stories from the Tunisians about travelling for the first time outside of their home country and discover new cultures.

Local Empowerment 07-06 - 230Local Empowerment 07-02 - 122

10 days were full of energizers, language animation, team building, workshops and free time. The most important topics during the program were about identity, engagement and project management. Participants had the chance to work individually, in groups, and even with other organizations during the Children festival in Stuttgart.

Having fun was also part of the program! The young people discovered the city monuments like the television tower went to the Zoo in Stuttgart and also visited Bonn city.

Local Empowerment 07-04 - 273Local Empowerment 07-02 - 242

The first phase of the project is finished! Lot of emotions, hugs, tears and good bye words were present, and a big hope to meet and reunite again soon.

But the adventure is not finished: an online platform is created for the participants to keep in touch until the second phase in October, in Menzel Bourguiba.

Local Empowerment 07-06 - 290Local Empowerment 07-04 - 251

I really hope that I will be again part of it, so I can tell you more about the results of it!

                         Alaeddine Kandil


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