EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Change is a good thing

As one of my good friends said, change is a good thing. Something ends and something new begins. I was very excited about moving to an other city, country, meeting new people and doing something different than what I’ve done before. But I’m so happy I did it! It’s been only a few weeks and so far many things have happened.

The guys were waiting for me at the train station, greeted me with hugs, and we took my heavy luggages (apologies here again!) to the dorm where I will be living. We had a typical local dish in the office  for dinner, the Maultaschen and at night we joined to a loud birthay party!

What I love in Stuttgart is that it’s not a huge city but it has so many opportunities. There are several workshops and classes, cultural events and high spots for a nice view at the city. I live close to the centre so I don’t have to go far to find some fun. And I know there is still a lot to be discovered.


Last weekend we went to a workshop to Neunkirchen, a nice little village. There I could get to know the people I will be working with, and also all the things Jugendwerk is about. The most memorable thing for me was when we were playing hide and seek in the completely dark house and when we had to cook something out of ingredients we opened up from packages randomly. Surprizingly, the results were all tasty!


I also went already three times to play with refugee kids. My first experience was that they speak much better German than me, and when I was struggling to find the words, they helped me out! One time we had Easter activities with them and they had so much fun looking for the chocolate eggs in the yard. These afternoons motivate me so much to learn German as fast as possible. 🙂

Easter bunny came to our office as well, he left painted avocado, kiwi, potato and mango on a desk and hid chocolate all over the office! It was a very nice surprize.


I was lucky with the weather until this week, now it’s snowing so much! One day I had short sleeves on, the next day I had to wear my winter coat. Hail in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. Now it makes total sense why people say April, April, der macht was er will.


Sommer is coming so fast and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!



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