EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Weekend of Art

Are you interested in playing music, theater or film making? Are you interested working with people from different nationalities? Then ‘’Weekend of Art’’ was the right place where you should have been!17017214_1672934826056676_7257972958676281335_o

50 artists from different nationalities gathered in a workshop in Waiblingen, Germany. You could hear music where ever you went there and see all kinds of traditional and eastern instruments being played: guitars, lutes, cajuns and many other ones. The participants were divided into four groups in which they had to work together on a song, a theater scene and a short film.16991639_1672640929419399_5099907613078292436_o

The groups presented their work after two days in the Kulturhaus Schwanen Theater.

The whole idea was from Fadi Alsabbaghe’s,  the Syrian theater actor and director who is living now in Waiblingen. The participants came from all over Germany to take part in such an event! It was so easy to notice the joy on the faces of people when they saw their results.17015888_10211060066331394_3922770867307121968_o.jpg

The good and successful work was one of the highlight, and the result of mixing cultures and different views together, which is the key not only to a good art but to a good peaceful life as well. Peace is linked directly to art, and both are linked to accepting others and seeing the good in diversity.

Would you like to take part in such an event next time? Then stay tuned and read our blog to get the information from first hand!


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