EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

AG Grenzenlos Projekt

Arbeitsgruppe Grenzenlos, if you like kids, games and fun, then try to find time, and join us in our group.

Last week was the goodbye party for Hanna and Carolin, who joined our group in October and been with us every week since then. However, they had to leave us to go on with their studies. dsc_0893

The refugee kids and their parents were invited to Jugendwerk, where balloons, music and food were waiting!

After they arrived, the parents were told about the project, and they have been shown a video made by us, presenting our project and activities. Which you can see below 😀

a few minutes later, the kids started to do the “Körperteil Blues” and doing it over and over again!

And then, of course, it was dinner time. all sat and ate together talking and laughing. And to end it with a cool memory, kids got to dress up in costumes and take pictures with their parents and with us, which were printed for them to take home!


But it didn’t end there. we met two days later to go to the theater together. where we saw the comedy play for kids “Der Kleiner und das Biest”.the kids had fun and got autographs from the actors afterward!


And of course, it didn’t stop there and never will. we will keep meeting every week, and whoever wants to come is always welcome!


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