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Happy new year!!

One wish I made – to travel.. and so I did, and so I do and so I will!

I planned a trip, two days later packed a bagpack and went. I didn’t even check the weather forecast, left only place for surprises. And they were not late – loads of snow, lowest temperature I have ever endured, new friendships, beautiful cities, frozen rivers and a lot more.

I would like to emphasize on the travel friendships a person might encounter whilst traveling.  Figured out that almost every time I was traveling such friendships occured. It is something very magical. It is short, very intense and I would say transformative. It is something that comes from nowhere, changes you inevitably and then leaves you as swiftly as it came. Of course if you would like something like this to happen to you, you would have to initiate it in a way. When you walk in your hostel room greet the people there, introduce yourself and let it happen. When you walk in a common room say a simple hello, it can bring a lot.

Exactly in this way it happened in Prague, we were staying in a hostel room with 10 beds. Greeting the people there a conversation arised, then we went out together and for two days we became unseparable with Andre (Russia), Refaat (Azerbaijan), Alaeddine and me. We exchanged so much, as if we have known each other for ages. Great open minded people, willing to travel, to explore, to share and to photograph.

15970820_10158034382375597_270212994_n.jpgWe continued our trip to Crakow, where the group expanded each day. Helder (Portugal) was our host for the period, an amazing person, who together with the whole group inspired this blog. He was speaking about a certain life style, that is connected with traveling. It is the moment when you have lots of friends all over the world, that you are not picking destinations anymore, rather visiting your friends. The group we met there tries to gather every year a few times in different places and so far they succeed, adding more and more people in this amazing friendship. ‘For the togetherness’ he said,’it is a place where we are happy, it is a way that we are happy’.
While you sit there in your room, in your chair, reading my blog it definetly will not happen to you. So go for it. Apply for the project, go for the trip, join the party tonight. Say yes to the next opportunity.

Stay tuned :):):)




One comment on “Travel..friendship..transform

  1. André Vilaça Moreira
    January 22, 2017

    Nicely exposed.
    Totally understand and agree.

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