EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

New Experience

Four weeks ago I started working with Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg , a friend told me about the volunteer opportunity there (Bufdi) and I went there . Obviously they said yes! 😀 It was great because I was looking for something to do for a while. And it turned out to be greater than I have expected.
The first day was cleaning the cellar and organizing all the materials that are left from the summer. However, for me it was a fun day, organizing and discovering how many cool things are in there. Basically, everything anyone needs to do a fun activity is in there. And it goes on from there to the second day with a fun road trip with Aleks and Alaeddine.
Another great thing about this job is not only being happy, but being able to make someone else happy as well. Wednesdays and Thursdays Aleks, Alaeddine and I go to refugee camps to make some fun activities for the kids. Playing with them outside or watching a movie with them and making some lovely handmade stuff for them and see them smile and have fun. And we also get to make a souvenir for ourselves as well.

Other interesting things are the many events we get to participate in, such as Active Culture, where we get to meet new people and learn a lot about other countries and cultures. The atmosphere at the office is super friendly and comfy. I go there every day after my German course and have lunch with my colleagues , chat and laugh . And so on. That’s how it was for the past four weeks. Gaining new friends, experiences and having a lovely time. I still can’t call it work yet because all was fun so far!


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