EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

My first week in Jugendwerk der Awo Wüerttemberg!

My first week in Stuttgart was too fast! Many feelings, nice people and lot of activities. I was sure since I arrived to Stuttgart that I made the good choice to do my EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO Wüerttemberg.

Monday, October 3, 2O16 I took the plane from Tunis to Frankfurt early morning. The night before I was so confused and stressed concerning a whole year far of my country, family and friends. After a long way with plane and bus, I arrived to Stuggi. Aleks, Diana, Dominic, Tekla and her mother from Jugendwerk ,  welcomed me and took me to my “new home”.

Sacha, Marcio and Thano  were waiting for me in the office with the Maultaschen traditional German dish that originated in the region of Swabia. Milan, my mentor, joined us after this Selfie!


Tuesday was my first day in the office, a lot of information and everyone was repeating “ You will never get bored here” And that was “Stimmt”! Since my first week I started my german lessons with many people from Syria, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Afghanistan, Ghana and Eritrea.

My second day, Milan, Funda , Aleks , Dani and myself went to a refugee camp. We met around 17 children there. We played with them names games, card games and we painted Tattoos! They was so happy and excited J

Stuttgart also was welcoming me. I had the opportunity the visit the Stuttgart October Fest “Wassen”. It was a big event where everyone is having fun, wearing traditional dresses, drinking beer and dancing on the tables in huge tents.


The weekend was full of work and fun. The summer fest is here. It’s a big event where Jugendwerk der AWO Wüemttemberg  voted for the new board and thanks all her teamers to be part of the summer camps. I met a lot of lovely and open-minded people. They was discussing their camps while I was helping outside with the tent, the pool, the kitchen and the decoration. A P Party was also organized during the event . I had so much fun and I make a lot of friends. It’s my first week and  I already met almost 100 persons! I am so excited of the rest of my year here .. !


Alaeddine Kandil


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