EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Blitz Interview

In May me and Milan traveled around a lot, basically we didn´t spent a lot of time in the office, but we were still working in a way. We went through most of the adventures together and thus we decided to share them with one post, so enjoy 🙂

What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear Spain?

Aleks:  Sunshine, broad beaches, small cozy


On the way to Sant Feliu to watch the Champions League 🙂

balconies, oranges, olives and Sangria

Milan:  Lying on a beach, chilling, drinking sangria and listening to The Piña Colada Song


  1. What is EYE?

Already registered for EYE

Milan: Eye is one of the two organs in your face that are used for seeing

Aleks:  😀 and not only organ, EYE also stands for European Youth Event. It took place on 20-21  May 2016 in the European Parliament. Around 7500 participants  had the chance to engage themselves in exchanging ideas, debates, workshops, different artistic activities and concerts

  1. Could you tell us something more about Strasbourg?

Aleks:  Strasbourg is really beautiful and wild.


Strasbourg, waiting for the tram to EU Parliament

Feels like there is no order on the street and in the same time there are bicycles, cars, public transport and people. You have to be concentrated when walking around, uncomfortable when you got used to the order and discipline in Germany.

Milan: Nice city. I was there for the European Youth Event (EYE) and unfortunately at that time there was also a huge demonstration/strike and we had problems with public transportation.

  1. Is it true that the party never stops in Spain and that ‘’la gente esta muy loca’’?

Milan: Both are true, especially the second part. I had the opportunity to watch the final match of the Champions League in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a small town in Catalonia, and although Barcelona was not playing they were still very passionate about it. If Barcelona had played, and won, there would have been a war on the streets.  But I like the ‘’Spanish spirit’’. For example, when we came in the restaurant we were 11 people and of course, the waiter had problems finding a table for us. All of a sudden, one couple moved to the other side so that we could join their table to ours and sit all together. How sweet was that, right? Moreover, the other group sitting next to us, as they were about to leave, offered us the rest of their bottle of wine (that would never happen in Germany).

Aleks:     Totally true, no matter age, gender or whatever, this people just now how to party all night long. We visited a place called Banana Cubanita in Sant Feliu and enjoyed a long night with Salsa, Bachata and nice, eager to communicate Spanish people.  The atmosphere is so inspiring, that after hours of non-stop dancing, we still had the power and motivation to walk a few kilometers home to S´Agaro under the warm drops of night rain.     

  1. How did you like the food there?

Milan: Booah, it is just amazing! Paella, tapas, jamón, l


Chilling at Casa Lolea

echazo mmmmmm, just thinking of it makes my mouth water! If you ever find yourself in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, El Rey del Jamón is a place to be, and in Barcelona I would recommend Casa Lolea and their absolutely magnificent, homemade sangria.


Aleks:  Spain is one of the places I have tasted the best food so far. I have to admit all the credit for that goes to Stephan, who definitely knows how and what 😉 I love all kinds of sea-side meals and now officially I am in love with Spanish fish Paella. Also all kinds of fresh meat – lamb and Butifarra (sausages) and Chorizo.  And of course amazing Sangria. I can admit that i can imagine myself all summer in a nice Balcony in Valencia with the required amount of Sangria and a view of the sea.

  1. What about travelling, favorite spots and means of transportation?

Aleks:  Recently I have traveled a lot with all kinds of transport. I can say on 1st of June it was so amazing, we had to get from Valencia to Stuttgart, meeting Amira, Dave, Roland and


Bus station at S´Agaro: next stop Barcelona

Domenico in Girona. In that day we traveled with train with one change in Barcelona, bus to airport, plane to Baden Baden, bus to train station and train to Stuttgart – total of 14 hours on the road (and in the air) 😀 And so far for me with train is the most pleasurable way to move around. It was the first time for me in Spain and I definitely would love to go again and see more and different parts of it.




Valencia, Plaza la Reina

Milan: May was a travelling month for me. I was in Warsaw, two times in Spain (Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Barcelona, Valencia, Gerona), Strasbourg and at the end of the month I traveled back home to Serbia for the weekend. It was my first time to visit Valencia and I had fallen in love with this city. The City of Arts and Sciences, Barrio del Carmen, Plaza de la Virgen (my favorite spot) and the cathedral quarter and amazing sand beaches are just some of the things you can visit when in Valencia.


  1. Craziest/ funniest thing recently? 

Aleks:  As strange as it may sound, you do need French if you want


Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

to survive in France. We were 9 people for the EYE in Strasbourg. It happened so that the hostel we reserved, had booked for 5 people the previous day and for 4 people the correct day, so in the late afternoon we found out 5 people have no place to sleep and in the same time 7000 young people are visiting the city for the event. Of course our guardian angel Tekla saved the day and found a hostel in the outskirts of the city for 5 people. However when she called them they don’t want to speak on the phone because they don’t know English, so she booked through internet. Then with her instructions over the phone we managed to find the place walking there it looked very familiar to me and reaching it in the end it occurred that it was the same place I visited 10 years ago together with my school. Still by the time we reach the place there was place left only for 3 people, so 2 were still with no place to sleep. Gladly in the end all had a roof over their heads.  It was a funny coincidence and funny evening running throughout Strasbourg




Valencia, Plaza de la Virgen

Milan: So, as we were approaching the beach in Valencia, we saw a long line of old people and as curiosity had prevailed, we came forward and to our surprise, they were giving away hearing aids. It did occur to us, that maybe we could get one or two, but then again, even with our ages combined it was not enough to qualify for it. But the funniest thing happened later, as we were already lying and enjoying the sun… Loud music drew our attention and we saw these guys shaking their bums to the beats of Zumba. I just had to run and make a video, because that’s not something you see every day. Spanish people- you just gotta  love them!



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