EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Vado… ma dove?

I love the long rides, they provide you with enough time to reflect. Thoughts  fly trough your head as the landscapes change under the almost musical sound of the train.

I was sitting in the train last week enjoying a 7 hour hour journey to Dresden, where my on-arrival took place. I was wondering how fast two months had passed, how the new surrounding and people have thought me so many things. Actually I was almost feeling dizzy from excitement from the unknown, the realization how small we are and dependent, but in the same time the little happy moments, friends, signs make you feel a part of everything and every place in the world.

My on-arrival was pretty amazing,I met eighteen amazing people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Bosnia, Spain and spent 7 great days
with them. Tortured from curiosity and energy I wanted to absorb everything I can approach – mentality, humor, language, thoughts, folklore and philosophy and lucky enough everyone wanted to share.
We did a variety of workshops in different topics spreading from history and politics to art, sport and music.

Each participant had different interest and was eager to share it with the others. I came back to Stuttgart filled with happiness, motivation, new knowledge and many new friends. We had time to go through the city and its history, I definitely recommend the city to everyone wondering where to make their next trip. The old town and variety of museum are especially great for history lovers.

The city surroundings offer something for the nature lovers as well. We had time to visit the Saxon Switzerland (Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz) located around 40 minutes away from Dresden with train. Saxon Switzerland is a hilly climbing area around the Elbe river, where you can walk for hours surrounded from beautiful landscapes. We visited the Bastei bridge, which is a rock formation towering 194 meters above Elbe river. We had an adventure there, getting lost in the wood, eventually saved from a nice bus driver in the middle of nowhere 😀

After some adventure with my travel back (delays with transport can also happen in Germany) I arrived on time for a long weekend and used the moment to jump to Salzburg and meet with some friends of mine. Unfortunately in the middle of May still we had encountered no spring and was rainy and cold. Anyway Salzburg is so beautiful and has so much to offer, that such little piece of detail can not make a trip there bad. Also we were lucky enough to have my friend, who is living there as a guide and enjoy an art and cultural tour around the city. Big thanks for the time there! 🙂


Mirabell Platz – Salzburg

Soon the summer time will come and hopefully there will be a lot to tell, so stay tuned 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bis bald!!!!


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