EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Halfway there

Hola hola!

The title of my last post was Patiently waiting for the spring and to be honest, it’s almost May, and I’m still waiting for it. The word is out that it is just around the corner, a bit lost though… Well, I can understand that, considering the fact that in the beginning of my EVS I would get lost so many times, and even when I managed to find the way, it was always the longer one.

But, the closest thing to spring I experienced a week ago, during my midterm seminar.

What is a midterm seminar? During your EVS  you have 2 seminars. One is called On arrival training and it is at the very beginning. You learn about your rights as a volunteer, your insurance plan, you meet other volunteers, exchange experiences, and basically  just chill and rest your brain from the surplus of information received after the first couple of weeks of work at your hosting organization. The second one is called Midterm evaluation meeting and there you talk about your experiences so far, project, if there are any problems and how you could solve them, possibilities after EVS, and again it is a great opportunity to make new contacts and friends. After your EVS there is also something called  Annual EVS Event where you reflect on the project as a whole, but it is not obligatory to attend one.

My midterm took place a week ago in the beautiful town of Weimar, home of Schiller and Goethe .


We were accommodated in Europäische Jugendbildungs und Jugendbegegnungsstätte or simply EJBW and for an EVS-er there’s nothing better than a clean set of sheets and free food.  The seminar lasted Monday-Friday providing us with many opportunities. We had a workshop called Arabic women, held by a Syrian girl Moazaza and other one about the war in Syria and refugees by a Syrian young man Abod. We also did a Weimar Rally, trying to find all the points marked on the given map, thus getting to know the town better.

Next day we had a trip to Erfurt, the capital of Thüringen. If you are volunteering in Germany or planing to visit it, I strongly advise you to include this city in your itinerary. AND_3503.JPG


Our lovely coordinators prepared us evening program but we would always replace it for a party evening, which was the case on Thursday as well, when we had our farewell party.


All in all, it was a week to remember… New friendships, memories, lots of laughs and finally good weather!



Thanks for the amazing time guys!



Photo credit:

Andruś Krečka

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