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Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

No time like the present

I knew what I was looking for before I came to Stuttgart, and having arrived here I am very glad to say I found it. With an amazing week and a half already, many new faces and different activities, I am happy to finally be able to introduce myself. My name is Aleks and I come from Bulgaria.

I breathe in deep and try to reflect on my so far amazing experience in Jugendwerk der AWO.

As a beginning, I arrived in the afternoon surprisingly one hour earlier than expected to meet with some people of the team. They assisted me to my new home, where sweets and warm hospitality expected me. The accommodation is perfect, it has everything and I really like it, the room is light, small and feels very cozy. After that, we went to the office, which is less than 5 minutes away in walking distance. We had some wonderful traditional dinner /Maultaschen/ and luckily, the same evening there was a meeting in the office, so I managed to meet many of the Jugendwerk members on the very first day, which was really-really cool.


So far so good, my luck does not end here. I arrived just on time for one of the biggest events of the year –Info-Börse for the summer camps. It took place in beautiful Böblingen in my first weekend 5-6 March.  There were about 90 youngsters, who are eager to participate in the camps. There were presentations and great interaction games, for all of the people, so that we could get to know each other. On the second day of the seminar we could create teams of 4 to 6 people for the camps.

As for the office, the people there are amazing and very hospitable to me. I feel very comfortable and excited to work with them and for what is next. So far every day is filled with different activities, even I had the chance to explore Hungarian culture in Active Culture night, when we went to a concert of a Hungarian group, which was really cool. I don’t think I can get bored anytime soon.

copy 4.jpgIn the first free Weekend I managed to look around where I actuall
y am. And to speak truly Stuttgart is very beautiful city. The streets, the spring flowers on every corner, the sun which is shining and shouting it is spring, but when you go outside it is still sooo cold 🙂 . The city is hill like and you can find places with amazing views. In Saturday the streets were full with people everywhere and the city felt very alive. In the main street there were so many people, I could hardly go through. I witnessed the Flohmarkt, which takes place there every weekend and  you can buy there whatever comes to your mind.  I am very pleased with what I see so far and I believe I will adapt easily to this new place.

Good for me, but the question is can they get used to me 😀 as a Bulgarian I nod my head for No and shake my head for Yes, which is causing some misunderstandings. Now, when I meet new people I introduce myself and explain the Bulgarian way of nodding to avoid confusion.
I am excited for the coming year and will share my experiences here, so stay tuned for more 🙂








2 comments on “No time like the present

  1. Mariya
    March 23, 2016

    I would like to talk with Aleks from Bulgaria.
    I want to receive information from an insider . I am also from Bulgaria and have an interest.

    • alekskol
      April 4, 2016

      Hi Mariya, you can contact me also in facebook, if you want and I can assist you 🙂

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