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Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Patiently waiting for the spring

Hello boys and girls!

I know I was supposed to write new posts more often, but my coordinator (in) is the one to blame. The plan was to write a post regularly when I have enough time/ when I am bored. The ”problem” is, you cannot get bored in Jugendwerk.

So many things happened, new faces, places…. Let’s  try to reach to the earliest memory in this series of events that took place in the past few months.

After a short vacation back home, I returned to Germany and went on a Freizeit for kids age 8-12 in Altensteig (Schwarzwald). It lasted for 7 days and it was challenging working with kids at that age, especially when you don’t know the language so well. But all in all it was a new experience for me. 12842380_10208793845701359_725392070_o


Then, I had to prepare my Active Culture evening, Serbia Evening. I didn’t have much time but fortunately for me I had a help from a Serbian friend who turned out to be a real pro when it comes to cooking. It was a stressful day but in the end all went well and I even took a guitar and sang a traditional Serbian song, truth be told not so traditional, but every Serb knows it- Djurdjevdan.



And now we come to the biggest event in Jugendwerk- Summer InfoBörse. That is the day when we present all the camps (Freizeiten) we organize in summer and there are a lot of them- approx 20 all over Europe. Young people interested in taking part can come on that day, choose a camp and form a team. This year we had around 90 young people. After forming teams another seminar is organized where the teamers meet once again and prepare everything they need for a successful camp ( program, dividing roles, finance, materials)  It took place on the weekend 5-6 March and on the 6th was my birthday. It will remain in my memory as one of the best birthdays I had. It started at 00:00 with a surprise cake and a song and lasted until late in the evening that day with an after-party in my flat. I am here for 5 months now and I am still relatively new, but having friends who care for me gives me a great sense of support and wind at back.

I blew candles 3 times that day and each time I had to stop and think about what I could wish for, because I  have found here more than I was even looking for.


Until next time, Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende!


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