EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

This is it…

…And now I sum up the year and think which 3 words could describe my year the best. So I would choose: Sun, time and red.

I could of course talk of how my life changed after I came to Germany and spent already 1 year here. But whose life does not change? Our lives are never stable, they change every minute, even if we don´t do anything and stay in the same place.

SUN: Why did I choose sun? Because it means warmness and brightness and that is exactly what I could feel here – in Germany, in Jugendwerk. I had sun all the 365 days I stayed here, which was giving me endless warmth, care and protection. What exactly was sun for me and how I saw it? Sun included the memorable moments that I had here, new people that I got to know here, travels with friends, many-many fun stories, a unique timetable that we already had with friends every Wednesday in the last few months 😀

TIME: You know, most of the time we get into something new and have no idea how long it will last. This case was different. I knew exactly that it will last only 1 year. And this thought used to hit me from time to time, especially when I had ‘extra sun’. It was like a thought that I need to remember. Was it good? Maybe! Maybe it made me appreciate more everything I had in this period. But well, sometimes it could also be mean. As you know it would end on the very exact day! And this is especially the point, when I just had to remember to ‘live the moment’.

RED: Only a few months ago red was just a color for me, which I did not quite like actually. But well, you know, you always have associations with certain objects, colors, fragrances, songs or places. And guess what? Thanks to Jugendwerk I now love this color 😀 Red now means also Jugendwerk for me. This place, where I was more than happy, and now even proud to spend this 1 year. By saying Jugendwerk I mean the people, who work here. Working with them was interesting, fun, useful, nice and memorable. Jugendwerk was also a part of my sun. I can’t say how much warmness, attention and caring I received here and how it made me get attached to them.  At some point I even realized that not seeing them for some time makes me miss them O.o And now, that I need to move to a new place, I realize how much I will lack Jugendwerk atmosphere there, in Weingarten. There were so many nice details, that I will keep in my mind. And as it says, “don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened” – I do both now 😀 But as I was told, I belong to Stuttgart, which means I will use each possibility to come to this place, where I will always have my sun!




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