EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Every New Person is a Start of New Memories

You always meet at least twice… This expression comes to my mind each time I get to know new people, well not people in general, but super nice and interesting people. And why did I think of this expression now? Probably because during the New Year celebration I got to know so many nice people, who I would love to see again in my life… somewhere in the world.

As for the New Year, it was really full of events and trips in BratBud (my abbreviation for Bratislava and Budapest).FullSizeRender

How would I describe Bratislava in a few words? Beautiful statues, narrow streets, historical places, Hruskovica and warm-warm people

Our next stop was Budapest. So close to Bratislava, but so different from it. Here I enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the city, of course met cool old and new people and most importantly, got to know how exactly the river Danube came to existence 😀 Legend says that many-many years ago there was a couple that broke up on the beautiful Chain bridge in Budapest, they cried so much during the break-up, that the tears soon made a river called Danube, which is now Europe’s second biggest river after Volga 😀 😀 IMG_2471

Important tip: Once in Budapest, try the tasty Menza rice in one of the traditional Hungarian restaurants 😀

But above all, I liked our adventures there – becoming invisible with Lenka, trying to make a conversation in Slovak, surviving the cold Budapest by Palinka, having traditional Hungarian … oh well, Chinese food in Budapest and seeing all those people, who I hope to meet again.



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