EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

“Exaggerate the essential, leave the obvious vague.” – Van Gogh

Finally… finally I have the time to write about my life in Stuttgart. Soon it will be 6 months since I am in Stuttgart, which is a lot actually. I had a rather hectic timetable during these months: full of seminars, language courses, work in the office and of course travel and fun time. As I traveled, I got to see the tallest church in the world, which is located in Ulm (the best place in the world according to Tanja). It is  161.5 meters high and has 768 stairs that can take you to the top of the cathedral, where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama, forget about time and just breathe, trying to memorize as much of the view as you can. It was actually a betriebsausflug with JW so later we also experienced stand-up paddle surfing in the river.photo 2This was a rather cool experience, the whole pedaling was about keeping the balance – you lose the balance, be ready to end up in the water. Oh wait, did I say balance? Forget about it as long as Marcio is there, cause even if you keep the balance, Marcio will appear from somewhere and throw you into the water (which he did actually with a great pleasure and a wide smile on his face). Despite the fact that I returned home with a sore leg, lots of bruises and wounds, I had a perfect time with JW there.

I got to see Karlsruhe, which was actually as impressive as our conversation on the road with Lenka, Marcio, Clemenz, Dave and Roland, when we talked about the story of an elephant called Vova 😦

Also we celebrated Domenico’s birthday – but first we stole his bike. Cause we wanted to repair some stuff on it and give it back on his birthday. Never have I felt so awful as this time – when you know the truth, but can’t say it, cause it is a surprise, and does not matter if Domenico feels awful 😀

I got to see Amsterdam, where I would meet my Armenian friends. There we visited Van Gogh museum, Rembrandt house-museum and a lot of other places of course. And it was in the zoo here, that I met my favorite, the most adorable animals in the world – raccoons. Apart from it I was happy to get a lot of information about Holland. Amsterdam is really a place to visit, though there are different opinions about the city: some find it a sin city, some think it is a cool place. The following quote could not describe Amsterdam any better: Some tourists think Amsterdam is a sin city, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom most people find sin (John Green). So the perception is up to you 😉

Now I am back to Stuttgart, the city I love and feel comfortable in. Ready for new experiences.

P.s. Maybe there is no connection between the post title and the post itself, but I love this quote by Van Gogh, so I made it a post title.


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