EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

To learn To Teach To Grow

When living abroad no matter where, the acquisition of competences is a fact. Not necessary  in the place that you are working but even in the smaller things, for example is  easy  to learn with people that you live with and how they manage some situations that in my case I would solve it in a different way. The learning process is always there, everyday is this possible but for this to happen you need to want it too, like my dear co-worker and volunteer Nazaret says “embrace the cultural differences” this is very important for a better adaptation and then later for your basic daily routines.  Besides learning you can have a an another role, the role to teach. When you are abroad you are an ambassador of your country and with this you can bring your realty, your lifestyle to others and make maybe people see your country with other eyes or just reduce some existing stereotypes that normally exists. You can have an active role and be a window for a culture that they don´t know and this way bringing people together, reinforcing the European ideal and the main cause why someone should do an European program the will to know more the will to discover and unite. With this purpose here in J.W we have a project called Active Culture, were anyone can make an cultural evening about any subject that this persons wants,  and this week that is just ending I made my Portuguese evening. Was with pleasure that I organized this, having the opportunity to show my country to others and also let them to try some typical food or drinks, was just great.

The weekend before I had a great time in Czech Republic visiting a friend. This friend that actually is also doing an another European Program, Erasmus in Portugal. I like to believe that this can represent how actually networking can work and how easy it can be. Had the chance to know Ostrava, Olomouc and near places I had a great time and don´t want to stop here, the wanderlust feeling is strong and during EVS is a great opportunity for it.

Márcio Ribeiro


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