EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

The arrival

“Em qualquer aventura,
O que importa é partir, não é chegar.”
“In any adventure
What matters is to departure, is not to arrive” Miguel Torga

Hello, my name is Márcio from Portugal and I just arrived to Stuttgart for my EVS with the period of 12 months. It was with a big joy that I received the notice that I would come here and this months of waiting to departure were for sure lived with anxiety. This why I chose this sentence to start my first testimonial about my experience. This is a very famous sentence in Portugal that can be very much linked with any departure, today the world is smaller than never before and is up to us to chose how we can take advantage of it. The opportunities are everywhere we just need to search for them and to be ready for the unknown.
However the unknown this time ended to be a great surprise. Was received in the best way possible, having a great welcoming dinner, eating a traditional and very good Maultasche that is a typical food from this region from Germany and in the morning a super breakfast with all the team that works in Jugendwerk. I guess is a good premonition for this intense year that is starting now. About the city, I just had one day to see around but for what I saw until now I’m very pleased to know that I will live here and because I can´t speak so much about the city I will leave this topic to my next post, with the intention to upload some pictures and also some personal opinions about this place.
And for you, that are reading this, don´t be afraid to take the risk leave your comfort zone and be ready to start to see your surroundings with another eyes.

Márcio Ribeiro.


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