EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

From Oman to Stuttgart

I arrived from the hot and suuny Oman a few days ago. Apparently ‘’few days ago’’ is more than enough to get me started, or to say it correctly, not even know where to start from?


My mentor, daily life trainer, I like to call her my savior, or ifa like to call people like her ‘’Tutor’’ picks me up with the warmest welcome from the airport along with a volunteer from Jugendwerk. I get into the flat and what do I find welcoming me? A girl’s best friend (no, not diamonds), ❤ chocolate <3!


 A few times while walking around Stuttgart and discovering ways to get lost, my mentor said ‘bad weather’ cause it was kind of raining, I didn’t say much because she doesn’t understand what it means to come from a city where 50 Celsius degrees is normal temperature. I was ready to cry of happiness for this weather and the sight of green trees everywhere I turn! And she calls it bad 😥 shoot me why don’t you.


On my second day in, I am invited for a very lovely breakfast (with huge pretzels!) with all the people in the office I joined. I later went to the absolutely spectacular library then walked around Stuttgart, did what I like to do best when I am in a new town to explore it, got lost. The next day, my actual first day at work was also an Active Culture evening so my start really can’t be any better.

koola bild


So yeah, my first impression of the city is so beautiful and cool that I could cry, and my first impression of the work environment is too cool to be true according to the wrong stereotypes I flew in with. Trust me; I know what I am talking about =D


Peace and love from the new Omani in town!





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