EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany




                             ON -ARRIVAL SEMINAR IN WITZENHAUSEN.


Hello again! It has been a while since my last post but there has been an event which deserves at least a short comment on my behalf (though I could be writing about it for hours (= )


So, after a short period after arriving to an organization, every person doing EVS has to attend the on-arrival training, which is also an important task during the project.


The main purpose of this on- arrival seminar is to get to know other people taking part in EVS projects in the same country as yours and get to know as well other projects and experiences…Plus, it is very helpful to understand the role of an EVS in an organization….


My on- arrival seminar took in Witzenhausen, a small city in the middle of Germany… It is a beautiful spot for those who, like me, enjoy nature and the countryside…


So, I think I was very lucky for going there… However the best part is always the amazing people you get to know on your way… I had the chance, and I am thankful for that, to get to know 24 wonderful people from all around Europe which made these ten days even better if possible.


Together, we learnt what is to become part of an EVS project, our rights and duties as EVS, and the several “what happens if…” that we may face during this year


As well, we had great moments discussing the so well known “cultural shock” , how each one of us interprets this concept and how this is reflected in our daily life


And of course we shared as well part of our cultures with the rest in many different aspects like music, food, traditions…


We visited an old castle and a Middle- Ages market right next to a hotel up in the trees, we learnt about tropical plants (and yes, cultivated in Germany!) we played basketball with the kids from the local school, we sang and danced and above all….









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