EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Arrival to Jugendwerk! Hallo everyone! First impressions

First impressions as an EVS in Jugendwerk,


So, my personal adventure with Jugendwerk started in last November when they sent me an email with the words “ we chose you”

My name is Nazaret, I am from a small region up north in Spain called La Rioja. Last year I got to know the European Volunteering Service and I had no doubts about applying for it. I wanted to have a different experience in a different context and doing something that I love which is working with the youth.


I applied for Jugendwerk because I was really interested in the amount of activities that it covers regarding young people: youth camps, exchanges and from a more social point of view, the “Active Culture” programme, which focuses on multicultural contexts, integration and cultures sharing.

So, I was more than happy when they told me I would start in March this year.

I arrived yesterday at 6pm in Stuttgart and some people from Jugendwerk were there… It was a very nice welcome because after that they brought me to the office and then we had a traditional Swabian (local) dinner called maultaschen which was really nice.

I got to meet more EVS from France, China, Norway… and other people working for Jugendwerk as well… They were all really nice to me and I am glad I am here!

It was a great first impression and for sure it is going to be a wonderful experience!




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