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Hecho en Mexico

I decided to write few lines about our trip to Mexico, because Mexico… it´s something what doesn´t happen to you every day, something extraordinary, something amazing… and it´s really hard to write about it in few words, because Mexico – it´s kind of ´beyond description´… but I´ll do my best to give you guys an idea how ´maravilloso´ it was! 🙂

2013-10-26 13.26.43 (Kopírovať)



For several years Jugendwerk has had a partner organisation Axilli in Guadalajara, and every year there happens a reciprocal exchange – the Mexicans come in summer to Stuttgart, and a German group goes to Mexico in autumn or winter. So now, it was our turn! We were group of 8 people, where I was a leader of the group. After many hours of flying we finally came to Guadalajara, where we got amazingly warm welcome by Leo and his great family. We stayed in their house for the whole two weeks, and from the very beginning we felt like at home 🙂

During those two weeks, we spent some time in the local schools, with maaaaaany pretty cute mexican kids 🙂 We played with them, we told them seomthing about Germany and we also did some art workshops with them, such as face painting or friendship bracelets. Almost no one in our group could speak Spanish, but somehow the ´magic´ happened and there came this ´international´ language with the help of legs, arms and smile…:) In the second school in the village La Resolana we spent 3 days with 40 children, so after three days we knew the names of the children, what games the kids liked, and saying goodbye was more difficult then we thought and the tears came as well…







One of our most beautiful experiences was going to the Pacific ocean in a big van. The crew consisted of16 people and the music in the car was changing from Mexican music, through German, Slovak and back to Mexican. We were singing loud and even our ´Mexico trip song´ sprang up in this car – and namely ´Puto´ by Molotov 🙂 During the weekend, we were camping in the garden of an old house, and the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life was only one minute walking down the stairs and … now wait for it… only for us !!! So the most of the time we spent in the ocean, of course. In the evenings we were just chilling, drinking tasty Tequila, playing guitar and singing or dancing salsa by the sunset… I know, it sound like in the paradise, but honestly, this was ´paraíso´!


2013-10-27 18.35.50

Otherwise, during our stay in Mexico, we just romaed the streets of Guadalajara, ate all the possible mexican dishes like tacos, tortillas, guacamole, fresh and juicy fruits, mole, and muuuuch more… tasty and spicy… eeery spicy 😀 from the traditional drinks, we tried not only Tequila, but also Pulque – traditional Mexican drink made of Agave, sweet, tasty and surprisingly kind of strong… 🙂


2013-10-24 21.41.43



Moreover, we visited the concert of Mariachi, where we were singing ´Cielito lindo´, we wisited the art gallery as well, traditional market full of souvenirs and tourist, but also local flea market full of beeeeeautiful stuff, not so touristic at all, where everyone of our group made their valets empty… 🙂

Last but not least, for all two weeks, we felt incredibly welcome by all the great, hearty, opened and warm Mexican friends, thanks to whom we had two fanstastic weeks of our lives which we will never forget… because WE WERE IN MEXICO and I still can´t believe it, now it seems like a beautiful dream to me…. But what I know now, I am in love with this beautiful country and its amazing people and I definitely want to come again 🙂

Muchas gracias chicos y chicas!!! 🙂 :*


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My dear Reader, I am Lenka from Slovakia :) I love travelling, music, food, good wine, smiling, salsa, to get to know new people and discover new things. I like new beginnings and I decided to start from ZERO... not only the ew blog, but also new chapter of my life has just started... I love my country and my little charming hometown Bratislava ♥ I used to live in different places, such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia, Stuttgart in Germany and now I found my new home in Valencia, Spain ♥ I have been thinking for a long time to start writing a blog, as I love sharing my experiences, little details of everyday life and I my travels. Now, beautiful city of Valencia gave me a new "breath" and courage I have been collecting for the last months - to start my very first blog. This city is an inspiration for beauty, colours and enjoying life. So I told to myself: "Why not?" :) This blog won´t be only about Valencia, of course. I want to share with my friends my joys, experiences, travels and adventures. This blog is about travels, culture, food, drinks, music, and about all those little things which make life so beautiful ♥ Enjoy reading :)

2 comments on “Hecho en Mexico

  1. Eli Torres
    November 28, 2013

    It was so nice to read you.
    I am super happy to made you happy. There were two amaizing weeks of knowing each other, and to discover with you guys again the beautys of my Country.
    Miss you, Love you
    Hopefully see you again.
    This is your house.

  2. lenkasichtova
    November 29, 2013

    Oooooh, Eli, guapa, thank you for your beautiful words, it was the most precious thing for me personally – to get to know you and your family !!! Thank you one more time for everything, I will aaaaalways rememeber !!! :*

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