EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Wir ♥ Prag


Hallo everyone!
I am Gigi and in this post I would like to shortly tell you about myself and then you can check out some photos of our trip in Prague 🙂
I arrived two weeks ago to work as a volunteer in Jugendwer der AWO and so far it’s been amazing. I had an amazing welcome, people in the office are kind, friendly and very caring, my partner Lenka is super cool and it’s impossible to get bored when she’s around, the funny story is that our flatmates who are also from my home country – Georgia are calling her “Ferrari” for having such an amount of energy to spare 🙂 so there is nothing to be unhappy about so far and I’m sure I will feel even better when I start talking in German.

Also I’ve already managed to visit some great places here, had some tasty food and met a lot of new people, which is the best part for me. I am just starting to learn German language and the fact that I hear it everywhere all day long will help me a lot to learn it soon 🙂

So a week ago our super cool coordinator Tekla told me that our office and some other great people connected with Jugendwerk were going to have a trip to secret destination which we didn’t know till the last train boarding. So eventually it turned out to be Prague! How cool is that? My second week in Europe and I already got a chance to see the beautiful capital of The Czech Republic!

Photo 13.10.13 12 28 39 PMOne more cool thing is that Tekla and Franzi organized this trip and they did their best! In particular they’ve found an alternative Prague tour which had a great tour guide and instead of taking us to crowded touristic spots, he showed us real interesting and personally for me – more valuable places. So there is a huge amount of itneresting artists in Prague and lot of them are trying to find ways to resist corrupt government and make art to express themselves freely. There is also a nice graffiti scene and it has been there longer than decades.

So, shortly it was one of the best experiences for me so far and I hope that some day I will visit Prague again 🙂
And now you can enjoy the images:




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