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Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

My personal ´Stuttgart higlights´ (PART 1)

It´s been already 2 months since I came here, to Stuttgart! During this time, I´ve discovered some places, which now I could call my favourite places here in Stuttgart, or personal highlights of my stay here 🙂 This post could be either a recommendation for people, who want to visit Stuttgart in the future, or just some kind of message to my friends, so they can imagine a bit better, how is my life here and where I am spending my free time quite often 🙂
1. Schlossplatz
The square with the park directly in the city centrum, with a column in the middle. Place of festivals, concerts, street music,… But first of all – the meeting point for people of all the generations and nationalities. People just chilling out in the sun, while drinking some beer, chatting, reading a book or taking a nap 🙂
2. Wilhelmspalais
This former library is a pretty cool bar now! Directly in the city centre. Old nice building with a big staircase in the middle… kind of alternative bar with a very inventive interior design. It´s perfect especially in the summer time, as there are regular concerts every Wednesday, called “Live auf der Treppe” (Live at the stairs). Perfect spot of Stuttgart! 🙂
wilhelm 1 wilhelm 2 wilhelm 3
3. Stadtbücherei (City library)
Maybe this place doesn´t fit to this list so much, but I definitely had to add it here… as I am a huge fan of the literature, it didn´t take me long to visit this library and to make a registration and to take some books home… This library has one of the most interesting library designs I have ever seen and a big choise of books in all the possible languages of the world! So, I took some books in German, English, Russian and even Slovak!!! Worth to visit, definitely 🙂
biblio2   biblio 1
4. Schlossgarten
A big park, whit many options, including barbecue spots. This spot is really cool and once you are here, you are realizing, why people like summer in Stuttgart so much! People playing guitar, eating, playing frisbee, dancing, or just chatting… that´s Schlosspark!!!
5. Hüftengold café
A cozy small café reminding me of my favourite café in Bratislava. Tasty coffee, delicious cakes, homely atmosphere. And the best of the best is, that this café is situated only 3 minutes walking from my house! 🙂 
huftengold2  huftengold1
 6. Wagenhallen
Huge club with a cool atmosphere and industrial design. My personal attraction to this place is not only because I love such clubs in general, but it´s also because of the Balkan Parties, which are a regular part of a rich programme of this club. Though, sometimes the music played by DJs was a bit far from Balkan (Russia, Polish,…), still it´s a great event and a lot of fun! Balkan ruleZZZ 🙂
wagenhallen 2 wagenhallen 1
7. Our ´Active Culture´ evenings in Jugendwerk – last but not least!
Me and Erik are organizing this multi-kulti event approximately every second Thursday evening. The idea of the evenings is to bring people of different nationalities together, while listening to some interesting infos and facts about the country, which is a motto of that or another evening. There are not only presentations, but also some tasty food and snacks. AC evenings are great way how to bring interesting and nice people living in Stuttgart together and I am enjoying it really a lot! 
For me, our Active Culture evenings are definiely part of my personal highlights of my life in Stuttgart, as I got a chance to meet a lot of really really nice people here, which are making my stay in Stuttgart even nicer 🙂
So, these are my ´Seven wonders of the Stuttgart world´, so far 🙂 And I am looking forward to discover new places. Then, you´ll hear from me soon! 😛
Bis später!

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