EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

On Arrival Training in beautiful Würzburg

Different faces, different nationalities, hobbies, age, characters, problems and feelings… but we all had something in common… we all are in the start of our projects of European Voluntary Service in Germany. That´s something, what´s connecting us and what made these 10 days so great for us.


Our seminar took place in Würzburg, beautiful small historical city in Bavaria. We spent 10 days in Jubi (Jugendbildungsstätte), nice modern house, which was suitable not only for a training, but also for having fun – table kicker, ping pong, volleyball, everything was there… so, definitely, we had no time to get bored 🙂




During the training we were speaking about our rights and duties as volunteers, about insurance, rules, and so on, but also about less formal stuff, such as our life in Germany, possibilities for low budget travelling in our new homeland, elimination of prejudices,… Our two trainers, Nastka from Poland and Nils from Germany, were trying to do the training in a creative way, using different kinds of methods, so it definitely wasn´t one of the boring trainings!


On Saturday we made a one day trip to amazing Nürnberg! All in all, wheather was horrible during these days, but we were also kind of lucky, because in Nürnberg we had nice weather without rain, with a little bit of sun. The city is historical, beautiful, full of colours, people, smells… a smaller group of us went even to Doku-Zentrum, Nazi-history museum, which was very interesting. In the evening we had a large dinner in traditional Bavarian restaurant. Was delicious!!! But I realized, one day is not enough for this nice city, so I definitely have to come back one day 🙂

2013-05-11 12.13.43



2013-05-11 12.13.14

I have to admit, we were really a creative group… in the evenings we managed to do so many different things, such as professional massage by Zoro for everyone (!!!!!!! BIG thanks again !!!!), salsa course by Claudia, oriental dance by Seda, taekwondo lesson by Nils, professional and inrecidble guitar playing by Jozef, and more… FUN FUN FUN 🙂

Honestly, I felt like in a small holiday in this training… spending time with nice people, having interesting discussions, a lot of fun, trips, eating together, dancing together, getting to know each other… was a great time and I hope to meet all these people from my On Arrival training again, during our German year 🙂



(photos by me and Onur :))


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