EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

EVS already over…

It’s incredible how the time can pass by. It has been almost a whole year that I have been doing my EVS here in Germany. And just one more week to go before to go back definitely. Definitely? Well sure not…

People already ask me what will I remember of this year, of German life, or even how would you sum up your EVS experience…

What a complicated question to answer at first…

What will I remember from this year?

Few stuff randomly:

  • That German people always wait the light to be green to cross at traffic light, and you’d better not dare to cross when it is red…
  • That German drinks are quite nice…
  • Never raining in this country…
  • that I know what is it to go out by -15°, and that I survived!
  • That actually, French trains are so on time comparing to German ones!
  • That I can definitely not write on a French keyboard anymore
  • That a the accent of a French speaking / or trying to speak German is apparently “Suß”
  • That it took me incredibly so much time to remember how to say some few sentences in Georgian language, (but had lot of fun trying to!)
  • That there are in Germany also nice pubs…

More seriously, what I will definitely remember for sure of this EVS experience is all the new people I met, people from Germany, but also a lot of people from all over Europe and all the great time I spent with them. This is exactly it, meeting great people from other countries, having good time together, sharing our respective cultures and so on.To describe this EVS year, I could sum up my EVS experience as one whole year full of friendship, adventures, experiences, music, laugh, fun…

And how would I describe in few words what is EVS? “Just as a completely crazy good time!”


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