EVS in Jugendwerk der AWO

Life as a European volunteer in Stuttgart, Germany

Arrival in Stuttgart / Cannstatter Wasen

I arrived in Stuttgart on 4th October 2012. After a long train journey I was welcomed at the station by a whole group of people from Jugendwerk. They took me straight to my room which they had decorated with balloons and a big welcome poster. It was great to get such a warm welcome 🙂 !

After checking out my new room we went to the Jugendwerk office (which is just 2 minutes walk up the road!) where I was offered “Maultaschen” – a typical Schwabian food which are basically large pasta parcels filled with vegetables or meat, a bit like Tortellini, which you can boil or fry with an onion and some eggs. After dinner we got ready to head out to the Canstatter Wasen, Stuttgart’s version of October Fest, albeit on a slightly smaller scale than in München. The huge beer tents were an interesting experience… the people were all dressed in traditional clothing – the women in “Dirndls” and the men in lederhosen with checked shirts – and standing/dancing on long rows of benches alongside long tables, whilst holding massive 1-litre glasses of beer (a “Maß”)!

After checking out the beer tents we headed out to sample some of the rollercoasters and other rides at the Wasen and eat roasted almonds, another German favourite. If anything is a confirmation of German stereotypes, then the Wasen definitely is, what with all the people walking around in dirndls and lederhosen drinking lots of beer 🙂 , but it was a great way to spend my first evening here!



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Hi! I'm Erik and I'm a PhD student based at the University of Bristol.

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